Monday, July 02, 2012

Dear Dave,

**If you're easily brought to tears at the thought of 'innocent' animals being slaughtered (hopefully), please skip this entry.***

Forget about rushing right over and bringing traps for the fracking moles.

 Nobody should have to be nice to anything that ugly.

We've taken matters into our own hands:

Plus, as we were standing at the Mole/Gopher display at Lowe's, two other groups of people were also contemplating what to do about their moles, all of us having them for the first time ever and in over 20 years.  We all decided that any method to just drive them out of the yard simply makes them another neighbor's problem and what is the point of that?  (We agreed it would be great to meet back at the Mole/Gopher display next Sunday afternoon for a 'success v miserable failure' review...)

So last evening we spent 45 minutes punching holes in hills, dropping in a few 'peanuts' and covering the hole back up.  That's 1.5 HOURS of our co-lives that we'll never get back. 

We could have been spinning.  
It's the Tour de Fleece, for dog's sake!

Thank you,

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