Saturday, July 07, 2012

Road Trip to Wenatchee, part 2

The way to Wenatchee: into the mountains on Highway 2 going east out of Monroe, Goldbar and Sultan.  It's pretty country and the mountains aren't scary on the inside lanes going east; it's a different feeling going west because we're on the outside lanes of the freeway, the 'cliff side', where the mountain falls away and it's a very, very long way down.

By 10:00am we were mid-road-trip, past Leavenworth and heading for Cashmere, the town not the goat.

This is our favorite fruit/vegetable stand east of Leavenworth, Smallwood's Harvest.  We didn't stop because we were running a bit behind schedule for our 11:am w/ Betty, plus we were still full from breakfast.

The Wenatchee River runs along Highway 2 on the east side of the mountains.  It's a short trip from Seattle to white-water rafting and camping, neither of which we do but it's there is we want to.
Peggy was driving and I was taking pictures out the window. 

Here we have an example of Law Enforcement in action.
And here is an even bigger example.
You just don't see that every day.  My guess is the trucker was doing better than 45mph.  

We arrived in the parking lot of the Wenatchee Walmart (as close to actually going to Walmart that we ever get) and met up with Betty.  Betty was mighty surprised to see the new car!
We swapped wheels ~ Betty took the Koa
and we took Bruce, a wheel owned by Jerri in Monroe and that Betty had been repairing.
Jerri came to collect it shortly after we returned.
We sat down for a nice visit and then headed home, but not before visiting  Ohme Gardens.
They have a nice but limited supply of plants for sale; their focus is The Garden Itself; the plants they sell are all on display in the natural setting and all the plants are native.  We bought a couple variegated Silene for the stone retaining wall by our drainage ditch. 
The goal is for a variety of ground-cover-draping-type plants to cover this: 
 July 2010
July 2011
July 2012
We think the plan is working.  The wall looks much better.
I got to drive Peggy's new van part of the way home (the scary bit going down the mountain in the outside lane) and by 3:pm we were finally hungry for lunch, so we stopped in Monroe.  We were home by 4:30.

And that was our Thursday.  Taking a day off for a short road trip is so much fun!

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Susan Davis said...

Wow, I had no idea you girls were so irresponsible as to take off a day in the middle of the week just for a fun road trip ;)