Monday, May 27, 2013

Chickadees on the porch

Every spring the chickadees nest in a birdhouse on the front porch.  
They raise 2 or 3 clutches and then they're gone.
They scold us severely whenever we're on the porch,
but if we're still they will go about their parenting business.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring at UW

One of the most wonderful things about the UW is the care given the landscape.
Everywhere I look, flowers are bursting through the green foliage. 
Our landscape crew is the best.


This Samsung camera is awesome. 
The only thing I changed from the original is resizing.
No color change, no cropping, nothing.
I think this is a dogwood.  
Photos taken at 6:45am, 48 degrees, overcast and a little misty sprinkle.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Weekend in Redmond

The Friday Knitters spent the sunniest, hottest* weekend so far this year (May 4&5)
in a Pat Brunner class on Designing Knitwear to Fit Your Body (One Size Does Not Fit All.)
Lisa welcomed us to her Redmond home:
The view of the house and garage/shop/craft loft coming up from the pasture.
The Juliet balcony of the loft.
From the balcony overlooking the pasture.
 They have 16 chickens.
Two shy sheep,
and Wedding Cake,
a very friendly SallyBill** wether who loves cookies.
We spent quite a bit of time outside at the breaks and lunches.
Michale took advantage of Wedding Cakes' appetite 
for a close-up photo opportunity.

This is just a small part of the potluck as it was being set up ~ it was dee-licious!
 Trixie was riveted.
Henry was riveted.
Matilda: not just riveted.  She was fascinated by all the food.

Lisa has remodeled the upper floor of their garage 
for fiber related activities.
This is the classroom end,
and in this end there are 5 looms.

It was a wonderful weekend.  If we had to be inside for most of it, oh well! 
Spending time together, knitting and laughing: priceless.

*It was 87 on Sunday afternoon in Seattle.  It didn't get quite that hot in Redmond, maybe only 84.

**SallyBill: a flock of sheep from Island Fibers on Lopez, one of the San Juan Islands, started about 70 years ago by Sally Bill, blended to the originators' handspinning preferences.  Nobody knows quite what the mix is at this point, but the fleeces goes for about $16.00 a pound, unwashed, in a bag.  That must be a pretty good fleece.