Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's been 19 weeks since my last haircut

A haircut is not all that important, in the whole scheme of things, although a bad one can ruin your life for a week or so.  This one was all about how I was feeling about my hair, which I wanted to change, and my job, which I wanted to keep.   I've been doing this job as a temp for almost a year.  It was posted, finally, early last month.  I applied, was interviewed  awhile ago but still hadn't heard if I would be hired or not.  Plus, growing out my hair was problematic.  I was told to wait at least 14 weeks before getting it cut again but went well beyond that because of one thing and another.  I was feeling paranoid and frumpy.  Only one of those things could be remedied immediately, or so I thought.

We visited our favorite stylist last weekend and by today I had the job.  It was magical.

Here's the Magic Maker's business info:

Hillary's Beauty Parlor
Hillary Sittig
Call or email to book cuts and color.
Snohomish area, where Snohomish and Mill Creek meet.

Oh, the job? 
 Reception at the Computer Science and Engineering department, University of Washington.