Sunday, August 26, 2012

Surrounded by...pillowcases

Not long ago we bought fabric for pillowcases 
when we ran across a sale we couldn't resist, so we didn't.
We found this sweet little gem of a quilt shop,  
Quiltmaker's Shoppe, in Arlington, WA.

We picked a Saturday and 5 of us put sewing machines to table 
and got to work.  Here we are, working:
Karen taught us a new way to sew on the cuff and the trim, which saves SO much time and makes the process easier.  We make a packet of the body and the trim inside the cuff, sew the 4 layers together, turn it right-side out and then sew the french seams around the outside.  
We ate potluck lunch in-between morning and afternoon sessions and then we went to dinner about 6:00pm at Edina Sushi, Lynnwood, WA.   I meant to take photos as the food was received, but we were distracted by eating, so this is it:
MaryEllin decided to go for the Uni as a special treat, 
so here's what that looked like: 
She talked --pf into trying it, which was a pleasant surprise to --pf, 
and MaryEllin really wanted 2 pieces so they shared another serving:
 The remains of our day: