Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring snow

We managed to get through the winter without snow this year and then came the first day of Spring.
 Then came the second day of Spring. 
 This is what we woke up to, 
and of course the cars are in the garage at the bottom of the steep driveway.
We waited for daylight.  It snowed for several more hours.
The squirrel was not amused.
The birds flocked.  One at a time, sometimes.
The Hummer food wasn't frozen.
The sun finally came out and it all turned to slush.  
We got out of the driveway,  out of the neighborhood and into the park-n-ride.  
I was only 2 hours late to work.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The next camera

It's a Samsung Smart Camera WB 250F.  OMG I love this camera.  Look at what it can do, all by itself:

An original photo, on the auto setting;
nothing done to it except resizing,
(because resizing means faster uploading.)

The next photos are internal settings on the camera,
accessible via touching the view screen, yessssss!
Just choose special effect and snap your photo.
I am going to have so much fun with this camera!
I've had it for less than a week and already feel more comfortable with it than I did
with several of my former cameras, no matter how long I owned and used them.
This camera is very user friendly.  Experimenting with it will be my next obsession.

Of the at least 100 photos I took today, only 2 were blurry.  That is AWESOME!

Back to the sweater:

  This was the second sweater I ever knit, probably back in 1990 or 91.
It's oversized, as was popular in the '80's, and since I was always 'thrifty',
I probably bought the pattern on sale.  But not the yarn.
I remember falling in love with this yarn.

So, here's the sweater again, natural light, no flash.   
I'm considering frogging the sleeves to the elbows (maybe) and redesigning how they end.  
I think the body could be shorter, too.  I love the cowl, always have, so may have to keep it,
although I'm considering frogging the whole thing and re-purposing the yarn.

Because, really, who needs a 1980's sweater with puffy cuffs?