Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fuchsia's on the deck

This year, instead of one lone hanging fuchsia basket wilting on the front porch where the scorching hot sun hits all afternoon, making it impossible to keep it hydrated, we're putting several on the deck in the back.  The back yard is full of big Douglas Firs and butts up to the green belt, also full of big trees.  There's some sun but mostly not, so hopefully the fuchsias will do better.  Here are the ones we're trying out this year.  Photos taken July 3rd, 2012.

Bicentennial w/ Lysimachia in the center; one fuchsia on each end of planter;
purchased at Molbak's in Woodenville.
Pink Marshmallow, one in each corner of the planter.
We bought these on our Bellingham road trip in April.
Blackie and Voodoo, also from the Bellingham trip.
Can't remember the nursery name, but it was full of little fuchsia starts.
This is Dark Eyes w/ Duranta 'Gold Edge' in the middle, also from Molbak's in June.
It's got a few buds but no blooms yet.
This unnamed fuchsia came from Bartell on the corner of 148th and 99 in Edmonds.
It was in full bloom when we got it.
More blooms next week.

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