Monday, July 30, 2012

The Hearse, the Dog, the Mob and everything.*

A woman walking down the street was delayed by a passing funeral procession which was so unusual that she started paying attention. There were 2 hearses

followed by a woman walking with a large dog on a leash, which were followed by what had to be several hundred women.

The woman was so intrigued that she let good manners take the backseat and approached the woman with the dog.

"Please, what is going on here?" she asked. 

The Widow responded: "In the first hearse is the body of my husband. He was attacked by a dog and killed.

In the second hearse is the body of my mother-in-law, who was on the scene and tried to protect her son, of course, but the dog turned on her and killed her as well."

The woman thought about this for a moment and then asked
"May I please borrow your dog?"

The Widow replied: "Get in line."

* A take-off of the book title: The Girl, the Goldwatch & Everything by John D. McDonald. 

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