Friday, June 29, 2012

Road Trip to Wenatchee, June 21st

Last October Betty came from her home in Oroville for the 3rd Annual Betty Roberts Spinning Wheel Owners Spin-In and Potluck, which was held at our house.  She brought along 3 new wheels from her most recently completed batch of 6.  She likes to have our group test-drive them, and maybe buy one.  We all test-drove but resisted wheel acquisition.

Betty left her Koa castle wheel for us to take along to fiber events, big 'for sale' sign attached.  It got a lot of attention but no buyer at the three outings it had: St. Distaff Day, Madronna and the Whidbey Island Spin-In.

Fast forward 8 months and Betty has sold the Koa to a spinner many states east of here, so, since both of us love a road trip, we agreed to meet Betty in Wenatchee for the hand-off. 

But first: breakfast at the Maltby Cafe.
My $6.95 Basic French Toast was $2. cheaper than the nearly inedible french toast at the Blue Bird last month.   

This French Toast was outstanding in the way that I hope every French Toast experience will be and 99% of them aren't.  Fresh butter, warm syrup, fat bread.  It was all great.

(Or, it was 'brilliant' as my new friend from England would say.  Raphael is a visiting professor in the department where I work, and he likes to stop by my desk to inquire how my 'quest for global domination' is going.)

Peggy's Country Breakfast eggs were perfect, the freezer jam on toast was perfect, the sausage was perfect and the potatoes were interesting.  She would have preferred hash browns.  She couldn't finish it all, portions are huge.

We consider our first trip to the Maltby Cafe a success, and will be back as soon as we can.  Yum!
We left for Wenatchee at about 8:30

~ to be continued ~

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