Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Bigger They Are

the more disgusting.  

We've had bird feeders on the back deck for years and the worst 'critter' we've seen, aside from the afore mentioned squirrels, was a mouse the size of a hamster.  
 He and the Douglas squirrel 
went at it for several rounds, giant mouse the victor, which was a surprise as the Douglas is a 'stand your ground' kind of guy and has been seen chasing off the bigger gray squirrels.  

Happily, we haven't seen the mouse more than once in the last year, but now this.  One rat you see means 50 that you don't.  Eek.  It's always breeding season for rodents.  

Until we figure out the solution, we have brought in the two bird feeders.  The birds have flown to other feeders, the giant rat hasn't been seen since.

With so many squirrels, raccoons, feral cats and all manner of birds that call our green belt home, we don't want to set traps that might catch some of the 'not rat' community.  How can just one species be targeted?

We're open to suggestions.
Guns are not an option.

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Christine Ross said...

My parents use a live trap to capture rats that flock to their yard for bird seed. (They use peanut butter as bait). When they catch a rat they release it somewhere in a greenbelt area away from their home. If they happen to catch a squirrel, they just open the door for it and the squirrel takes off (and usually stays away for a day or two out of fear).