Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Dave,*

The Harry Lauder's Walking Stick is doing well.  Very well since it was planted in May, 2011.
The Endless Summer Hydrangea is also doing well but it is far too close to Harry, as you can see from the two photos, the first from May 2011 and the second from today, June 12, 2012.

So ~ Dear Dave, please move the hydrangea.  There's a really lovely spot in another part of the garden, not too far away.



 Dave planting blueberries in 2011.
 *Dave is our 'guy'.  Not 'our' guy, Dave is the husband of a dear knitting/spinning friend.  He loves taking a yard that has seen far better days and making it something to be proud of, he has huge fence-building skills and can climb on a roof and clean gutters.  The man is multi-talented and can multi-task.  Until he's bored.  We think Dave is bored with our project.  Maybe the fun is over now that the fun part is over and it's just drudgery.  Tell us about it, Dave.  We don't want to dig out that hydrangea any more than you do but we'll pay you to do it. 

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