Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tea me

Melinda showed us her tea stash and while I don't have such a big one I do have some longtime favorite shops where I find my tea:

The Teacup, up on Queen Anne, Village Yarn & Tea Shop, where I buy Deb's Green with Pear tea and Tea Time Garden, a Bonnie Rose production. Bonnie brings her tea stand to spin-in's around the area. She will be at St. Distaff Day on January 6th, 2007, and her tea is available by on-line shopping. My favorites from Tea Time Garden: Rooibus Provence, Chai and Tabby Cat.

The 'Reader of Manuals' favorite:
As long as he loves this tea I will have plenty of cans to re-use for my tea, which comes in bags from the various tea shops. I simply strip off the label and do a little clip-art and waa-laa, I have a matched set of loose tea containers. Granted, the big ones don't match, but I buy so much of those teas that I have to have bigger bins.

Tea just seems to go with knitting and spinning, as does a good cup of coffee or some lovely wine. Does it really matter what you drink, as long as you're knitting or spinning along? I think not.