Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Proof of Knitting

Update on Braids:

I'm at 8" in the armholes, ready to do a little neck shaping and then another 3" to the top of the shoulders. Once the shoulders are knit together I can start the sleeves, which are knit down, or do the button/collar band, which is all one piece and mitered at the corners. Love that design element. (For details on yarn, see the Braids KAL link, just over there to the right...)

I'm in a hurry. I have 5 weeks to finish up with this project because, on November 1st (or maybe the 2nd or 3rd) I'm handing it over to Peggy F. (sometimes refered to as "The Other Peggy") in exchange for this:

My quilt, in sunshine.

This is a queen-size quilt which Peggy made to go with my concept of the perfect colors.
She took me fiber shopping and I picked out some fabrics, which she built upon, and she chose the pattern. It took her a great deal of time in 2005 to make this for me. I'm making her two sweaters in return: Fern, an Alice Starmore pattern which is done and delivered, and Braids, soon to be finished. Want to see more of the quilt? I thought so:

The border/drop

I love this quilt.

You're probably wondering about those pillow cases, aren't you? Peggy taught us (Peggy and me) to make these fabulous pillow cases and we went quite crazy at local fabric stores and even spent several days of our vacation making several (ok, 10) sets. Here are two made to match/blend with my beautiful quilt. At least one of the pillow case fabrics is in the quilt.


vanessa said...

nice trade :-)

Ryan said...

Everything is lovely, lovely, lovely! Thank you for sharing pictures of such beautiful things!!

Karen said...

I am SO completely envious. I was envious of the two of you'se Fern sweaters when you showed 'em at Guild. (My Fern is languishing on, like, Row 4.) I'm envious of the quilt -- Oh, how I could use a quilt like that! Can Peggy F do a trade with me?

Bethe said...

Oh my gawd - I don't even particularly care for quilts and that one is absolutely gorgeous! The matching pillowcases are a great touch, too.
Your braids looks fantastic, it's definitely a fun knit and I will eventually make another one and this time it'll be for me.

Ginger said...

What a beautiful quilt, good trade.