Thursday, September 21, 2006

Have socks. Will travel.

Socks don't count as a 'real' project, we all know that. I use sock projects the usual way: as my travel/emergency knitting. I never leave home without them. I don't get to knit on them every time I take them out for a spin (snark snark) but they're with me just in case I get stuck in Seattle Traffic (hey hey hey! It could happen!) or have to wait for longer than 5 minutes for 'what-ever' reason. The last reason was at the road-side fruit stand while my husband yakked (and yakked) with the talkative fruit-stand guy. He walked away with $20. worth of aging fruit and I knit 1" on my socks. It was a good deal for me. For him, not so much. He threw out half the fruit the next day but I still had another inch on my socks.

These socks.
Yarn: Socks That Rock, color Falcon's Eye.
Cute little picot cuff
and a purl every 6th stitch for about 1-1 1/2".

I've been intrigued with the idea of knitting socks without a heel flap or gusset and found the pattern in the Fall 2000 issue of Interweave Knits. The pattern is called "Priscilla's Dream Socks" and it was interesting. It's certainly faster than building a heel flap, picking up stitches on both sides of it and decreasing for what seems like forEVER at the gusset.

I will probably make them again, with modifications other than the ones I've already made (like the picot.) I need my back-of-heel and my under-the-heel reinforced, so doing sl1/k1 on the right side and purling back on the wrong side will have to be worked in on the next pair. I could not make the toe shaping work as written, which is the same as the heel shaping and it should have been fine but no. It just didn't work.
I did not like the loosey-goosey-hole-y-ness of the heel shaping and just couldn't do it again at the toes, so I fell back on my usual technique and also did left/right toe shaping.
I loved the color wave on the leg but lost it when I decreased 4 stitches for the foot, also not in the pattern but I was running seriously low on yarn and needed to conserve. After blocking they fit fine, except that I still don't like the heel shaping ~ too gappy. There must be a way to snug up the k3tog/sssp's. I just haven't got it yet, which annoys me because I've been knitting far too long to be stumped by shaping. I'm digging out all my knitting manuals for this one and I will beat it, oh yes I will.
I love knitting socks.
They're so cute!


Rebecca said...

Hey...what size needle are you using on those Socks That Rock yarn?

Ryan said...

Not to criticize your photography skills, but I think your other readers need to know that the pictures do not do these socks--which I've had the pleasure of seeing and manhandling in real life--justice. Such beautiful creams and greens and the picot edge is just too kicky for words.