Monday, September 04, 2006

Burnt Sienna and Van Dyke Brown

Ever troll through the channels and stop on Bob Ross? Loved his voice, so soothing. "Yesss, just a little Van Dyke Brownnnnnnnn." he'd sigh, "Just a touch of Burnt Sienna, here in the treeeessssss." What the heck does Bob Ross have to do with a trip to White Rock, B.C.?

Last June we went to visit the only fiber shop in town, KNITOPIA WOOLS CO. Katie set up a mission for a certain type of fiber, so five of us (Katie, Peggy, MaryEllin, Kate and Me) planned and plotted and in the end only four of us managed to go because the fifth (Katie) was, oh, moving, or something, and had other things to do. It was a sunny Spring day and a pleasant drive, as White Rock is just across the border from Washington and Seattle is about 2.5 hours from the border crossing at Blaine.

Love the Peace Arch.
We arrived at Knitopia.
We shopped, we bought fiber ~ a wool/buffalo blend, a shetland, some Trekking XXL, needles and other sock yarn. It was a pleasant hour, and then we had lunch across the street.

On the way home, just at the Border, we saw a car with a HEAD on the dash. I thought it was Jimi Hendrix, but he looked so....pale. We were crawling along in Border Traffic so we had a chance to roll down the window and ask:

"Who Is That Head?"

"Bob Ross."

We laughed all the way to Bellingham and wished we had had a chance
to get the back story and some better photos.


vanessa said...

was a woman or a man driving the head car?
i can never imagine bob ross totally losing his cool, can you?

Rebecca said...

Vanessa: Interesting question. A woman was driving, a man was the passenger. They seemed quite matter-of-fact about our query, so perhaps it had happened before...

Ryan said...

SO glad you two are blogging! Your entries are a hoot! I did not, however, appreciate the entry about sock monkeys. That was just mean, mean, mean. Mean. (Oh, and MaryB made sure to wave her sock-monkey-on-a-key-ring at me while we were standing in line for Yarn Harlot. It's a conspiracy, I tell you!)