Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Focus, focus

There were these twin sister knitters just turning one hundred years old in The Knitter's Retirement Community House and the editor of the "SKG News" told a photographer to get over there and take the pictures of these 100 year old twin knitters.

One twin was hard of hearing and the other could hear quite well.

The photographer asked them to sit on the sofa and the deaf one said to her twin, "WHAT DID HE SAY?" He said, "WE GOTTA SIT OVER THERE ON THE SOFA! AND BRING YOUR KNITTING." said the other.

"Now get a little closer together," said the cameraman. Again, "WHAT DID HE SAY?" "HE SAYS SQUEEZE TOGETHER A LITTLE." So they shmooshed up close to each other.

"Just hold on for a bit longer, I've got to focus a little," said the photographer. Yet again, "WHAT DID HE SAY?" "HE SAYS HE'S GONNA FOCUS!"

With a big grin the deaf twin shouted out, "OH MY GOD - BOTH OF US?"


Peggy said...

You crack me up!

Rebecca said...

Yeah, I thought you'd like that. heh.

vanessa said...


vanessa said...

hey rebecca, i don't have your email addy, only peggy's. thanks for the lace compliment! my speed only shows what a freakishly boring life i lead ;-)

Linda "K" said...

I seem to be a sunflower - but it CAN'T be the sunny (ack) disposition but because I drop bits of stuff wherever I go.

I found very cute sock elephants for David at 3rd Place Ravenna. VERY cute.


Kathleen said...

I laughed out loud (with a snort) - guess this really tickled my funny bone. Thanks for the laugh. I really needed it right now!