Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Boat Drinks

There are few things that make working for a living bearable: the money and Jimmy Buffett, not necessarily in that order. Jimmy has his own radio station called RadioMargaritaville . I get to the office, I open my computer and go directly to music I never tire of. I’ve tried playing cds at work but it involves remembering to change them ~ a one-cd-player sucks ~ and that is just too much to think about. Finding Jimmy was perfect, so thank you, Paige!

Oh, and one more reason why working is bearable: our view of the Canal.

Ar at large


gaile said...

wow, what a gorgeous view!

Melinda said...

Oh, you've started the blog! You should TELL people.

Whereabouts on the canal is that? Fremont? The Adobe building?

~ Peggy & Rebecca ~ said...

Hi Melinda & Gaile ~ this view comes courtesy of 2 Nickerson, 3rd Floor, facing that bit of Freemont where the Street Fair is every year. We're just across the parking lot from the SPU track/ball field. Nice.

Abby said...

Have you tried Pandora.com for radio stations at work?

By the way, I recently started a knitting blog too. I'm at craftyasaserpent.blogspot.com

And I love the dyeing stuff. More, more! (Please)