Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What did you say your name was?

I have a dreadful memory. I can be introduced to you and 5 seconds later I'll wonder what your name is. I'll remember meeting you, I'll remember shaking your hand and saying my name. Your name is gone. No, it's not ‘Gone’, it's just not in my memory.

Working with Blogger is rather like that. I've taken to saving my drafts not just in Blogger, but I save one called 'html' in Word, and another called 'compose' in Word. That way, if I screw up one of them (inevitable) I'll always have a backup. In theory.

In reality, here's what happened: I saved the 'draft', with new photos and all errors fixed in 'compose' format, deleted the regular draft...DOH! Should have saved in 'html' format, too, because now when I put the 'compose' word doc back in Blogger, and the ONLY way to paste into Blogger is in html format, it leaves the photos, all carefully placed and spaced, out, as well as leaving out all the hyper-links. Of which, of course, there were many. Not several. Many. ACK!

Ok, while I'm on this rant, I may as well add that I’ve gone to the ‘help’ (HA!) section of Blogger so many times searching for 2 things (mostly):

1. A way for me to post as me and Pe to post as she, and no post with both our names on it. For this I would kill. (Not in a sweeping generalization sense, but certainly I would, like, kill a moth that just flew from my wool stash and ask questions later.) I know it's possible because I read blogs where there is (are) more than one post-er(s). Two Sock Knitters. JenLa. It's being done. How? Keeping in mind that I am computer/blog/I.T./never read a manual in my life/challenged, please do not assume I am capable of following even slightly less-than-simple instructions. Speak slowwwwwlyyyyyyy.

B. A calendar. I want a calendar in the side-bar that shows the days we post. Is that a lot to ask? Blogger? Yo? Are ya there? Dude?

III. I didn’t ask Blogger this but can I be a whole lot smarter, please????

Post with photos/links to follow. Later. Perhaps tomorrow. Maybe.
AR, posting from Blogger Hell. But hey, it's a dry heat...


Mary B said...

Oh, get a grip. EmBe

Jessica said...

You need to add Peggy as a "member" under a separate email address. It's in the "settings" section. Then you'll need to add an author line to your template or pick a template that shows who the author of each post is. For the calendar...I'm not sure. I think that might be a Wordpress tool. I don't think any Blogger offers one. I googled and found this script. I can't help you with that last one... :)
But I can help you with Blogger some time if you want. Missed you at Guild tonight.

Rebecca said...

Jessica, you are such a comfort to me. Thnx. I will see on Friday. da da daaaaaaa.

vanessa said...

how did i not know that you 2 had a blog?

marti said...

hey, guess what....i found you two, but only cuz i had just been to vanessa's blog. you can blog, but you can't hide!

vanessa said...

hi peggy! ok, confession time. i haven't spun with my br wheel til now. i'm back in lake placid, and have it dragged into the living room. problem, question, all the drive bands attached to the wheel, 3 cotton cord, and one loosely spun something, are very very tight? i can't figure out if there is a reason, or if i just need to make a new band? i left a phone message for phoebe (original owner).