Sunday, August 13, 2006

But it was a warm rain...

We decided to take a day trip to Eastern Washington on the hottest day of the year - July 14th. Hottest in Seattle, anyway. Hot for us is 80. We were looking for 95 or better that day.

This trip to Yakima consisted of taking a few snapshots -- occasionally one of us was in the frame, but often not. Case in point - these 2 pictures.

We had a plan, and it was a good one, too!
Yakima was going to be an adventure!

Plan A: Big city girls from west side go to east side of State, buy spinning wheel, have lunch in recommended Yakima restaurant "Mercedes", then high-tail it for home.

The first part of Plan A worked great -- the weather was perfect, the road clear, the scenary breathtaking, AND best of all, the spinning wheel was beautiful.
Thanks to Shirley and Bob for parting with it. This 1991 Betty Roberts Spinning wheel started its' trip home with us belted into the back of the Mazdarati mini-van.

Where Plan A started to go horribly wrong was lunch. Sure we had an address for the restaurant, and sure, Rebecca had gone to Map Quest for directions and a MAP. But the kicker is that first y'all have to be reading the map correctly. Talk about driving around in circles!!

On one of the more colorful circles around Yakima streets, we found a great store, athough we didn't stop to shop.

When we finally stopped for directions THE SECOND TIME, we had a lovely few minutes with a couple of local 'mechanics' at a garage -- no shirts, no shoes, no problem on the eyes! WISH I had a photo of them to show you!

When we finally found the restaurant, this is what greeted us:

So much for Plan A.

Plan B was to find, oh well any ol' Mexican restaurant. Anything would do as we were getting rather hungry. As it turned out, not just anything would do if it smelled of Pine Sol, and had a cavernous feeling.

But at the Plan B restaurant, we happened upon another TWIN reference -- weird. Two in one trip when usually we don't see any.

Plan C - moving on. We found another Mexican restaurant but they only served a buffet at more than we wanted to spend for lunch.

Followed quickly by Plan D, where we finally ate at the 'Tequilla', a quaint little train mall restaurant.

Finally lunch was over, we were ready to drive back to Seattle at about 2:00p, and what happens but it starts raining! In Eastern Washington, no less. On the hottest day of the year. But it was a "warm rain", don't ya know... (Rebecca took proof-positive rain-drop pictures to show the DH.)

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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gaile said...

OO, pretty wheel!! Sounds like you had an interesting time in spite of all the circular driving. It was a gorgeous day on this side, as you know!