Friday, October 19, 2007

Reflection Farm Rovings

Last April four of us (Linda, Natasha, Rebecca and Peggy)went to Puyallup (pronounced Pew-Al-Up, emphasis on the Al, for those not from around here) to Shepherds Extravaganza in order to over-indulge ourselves with Corriedale Cross roving from Reflection Farm. We posted on this before but we now have photos of colorways from all 4 stashes so we're playing catch-up. There isn't a website for this event but there is a pdf for the 2007 entry form so hopefully they'll have something new for 2008 sometime soon. In any case, we will post the dates for the April 2008 event as soon as we know. There are classes, sheep and other fiber critters to view and a lovely market. It's a small fiber event which is under-advertised but well worth the trip.

Some of these batches have been spun since we acquired them and so we've included photos of the resulting yarn.

But enough talk! Show me the FIBER!

Color #62 with a 2-ply sample
Lovely, but no color number can be found...
Color #1 lot 7
Color #58
A different lot of #58
#58 2-ply hanks from the second lot
Color #83
Color #61 lot 2
Color #78 lot 1
Color #11 lot 7
Color #5 lot 3
Singles of #5 lot 3
2 ply hanks of #5 lot 3
Color #44 lot 6
#44 lot 6
Singles on upper spool
2-ply on lower spool
2-ply hanks of #44 lot 6

Alice, the creative dyer/owner of Reflection Farm, is quite accommodating with individual dying requests, so if you like one of these she may have it on hand or she can recreate it, but keep in mind that dye lots can differ quite a bit. If you want something specific, she'll be happy to try it for you.


daisy said...

I'm a bit late on yesterday's post, but blessings on you for doing the boy's socks. I love his color sense! Now I want some socks with red toes and heels, too.

Found you through Mossy Cottage Knits.

Melanie said...

I really enjoy seeing the progression from fiber to singles to plied yarn. It's all gorgeous stuff.

Naomi said...


I bought some of the fiber from LindaK. It is nice to see what my stuff is going to look like. Mine won't be as good as yours but...I'll try my best.

Thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

Gorgeous fiber and yarn!

SnohoTina said...

You have to be careful with Reflection Farms fiber...its addicting. I think it should come with a warning label! Your skeins look wonderful.

Mirella said...

Well written article.