Monday, October 08, 2007

Vintage Tile

There was a lot of yellow, gold, orange and brown when I moved into this house in the early '80's and that's because it was built in the '70's when those colors were big in clothes, home decor and kitchen-ware. Sadly, I don't do those colors. This entry hall is one of the final 'original features' to be dealt with.

Before, minus baseboards
There are approximately 175 big tiles which are 7.5"X3.5"X .25" thick and there are many smaller edge pieces which were cut to fit. These are the survivors of my Special Tile Removal Tools ~ a hammer and a big screwdriver.

Huge Stack of Tiles
and good color match
to the actual color

What, you may ask, am I going to do with these lovely vintage tiles? I am offering them to you, for free. It's this, CraigsList or The Dump, but it seems a shame to throw them into a landfill when so many people do love vintage 1970's stuff. So, if you live in the Greater Seattle Area and have a need for tiles, let me know (twinsspin at yahoo dot com) and we'll figure out a way to get them from me to you! Next stop: CraigsList. After that I will have to seriously consider the dump.


MaryB said...

You could also see if you could sell them to Earthwise, Second Use or Seattle Re-Store -- all of these sell recycled building materials, and all have websites. They don't float my boat, but you're right, someone might want them! And if you do end up sending them to the dump, isn't tile considered a biodegradable thing, anyway? It's just sand and dirt baked, isn't it? MaryB

Jennu said...

Don't forget Freecycle!

Ryan said...

Can't wait to see the "after" pictures! Promise you'll post them!

vanessa said...

stamping my tiny foot, why didn't you guys tell me you were blogging again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!