Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Got wood?

These trees had to come out because of safety issues, not 'just cuz'. I love trees, and didn't want to spend thousands this way, but these trees (plus some from the green belt which have fallen onto my yard and thankfully not my roof) really need to be removed before they do massive damage. Fear of trees is big in this neighborhood. The winds are strong off Puget Sound, the trees fall often and usually onto something. Winter is coming and it's time to deal, again.

Below, a brief pictorial history of what 5 men with chainsaws and a wood chipper can do in 5 hours.

Two ginormous Douglas Firs
at least 115 feet to 125 feet tall
Close-up view from deck
Two guys with really big...ummm...
chainsaws (yeah, chainsaws) cutting off limbs
as they climb.
I missed seeing the Christmas Tree Top
come off, but this is about 2 hours after
they began.

Big pieces came off fast.
This is the back yard under the trees
before they came down ~
you can see the 2 trunks and how
close they are to the house.
This is the same space after
they came down:
Side yard before,
with Sequoia and a tilting Douglas Fir

Working on the Fir
These two needed to come out ~
the Fir because it was tilting further each year
and the Sequoia because the Fir damaged it.

We have so much wood!
September has come and gone, so cleaning this up now prepares us for the rainy season, and the gray days ahead when it will be too nasty to work outside. If I heated mainly with wood I'd be set for the next year or so, but as it is, I'd be happy to give most of this away to neighbors with stoves and fireplaces. Life is abundant!


Melanie said...

On the brighter side of things, you'll have a sunnier yard next summer.

Naomi said...

Wow! That is a lot of wood!

It is amazing to see how large these are - getting the perspective against the house and against the men!

Glad to know you will be safer from any windstorms this winter!

Leslie (Sezwee - Formerly Bling!) said...

Looks like you got those trees down just in time. Any windstorm damage last night?