Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Arrow Lace Socks

The Book:

from Interweave Press
On the cover: Arrow Lace Socks
The book is still available even though it
was published in 1997. For the spinners amongst us,
each pattern is based on and knit up in handspun but
commercial yarn can be used with good success,
as follows:

Yarn from The Artful Ewe, one of our favorite LYS's. Heidi does a masterful job at her dyeing and the resulting fiber and yarn is fabulous and very economical. This sock yarn is 75% Superwash and 25% nylon. We added a picot top with #8 24k gold plate seed beads. Knit by Rebecca for her buddy Pat B. for the "Friday Knitters 2007 Sock Exchange." (Photos of the results of this event will be posted at the end of the year.)

Sock yarn is 3-ply 100% Blue Faced Leicester from Wool2Dye4. Knit by Rebecca, this yarn was given to me by my buddy Pat B. the day the Friday Knitters got together for dye-day earlier this summer. This creamy yarn turned into a successful purple. Same 24k beads because they were just wonderful on this color.

Sock yarn from The Artful Ewe (in a different red colorway) and these were knit by Peggy with the same24k beads because we love them!

All socks knit between September 7th and October 18th.


Naomi said...

WOW ladies. Can I be like you when I grow up????

marti said...

i love the beads! that was the pattern of my very first socks. of course i would do them because there was a specific note on the pattern that it wasn't recommended for one's first pair. are you coming to spinning on friday?

vanessa said...

nice sockies!
will i get to see you girls at madrona?

Denise said...

I love that pattern. I have this book on the shelf and have been meaning to knit these socks for some time - this is excellent inspiration and motivation to get on with it.

I like your colored versions better than the original white too.

I'll join with Vanessa in hoping that I get to see you at Madrona this year!

PatB said...

I love, love , love the socks! Thanks again sweetheart.