Friday, November 30, 2007

Autumn Shawl

The maple in the front yard is creating
a play pen of leaves for the cats,
Austin and Ferris
(they're bad boys, these cats)
2-ply spun on my Betty Roberts
Russian Olive double drive wheel
A lump of damp shawl

I brought in some leaves to compare.
Stretched on blocking wires.
And done!
Spinner/Knitter: Rebecca
Fiber: about 5.7 oz of Corriedale cross, color #32 lot 2 from Reflection Farm.
Project Notes: The fiber was spun early in 2006, about 830 yards of 2-ply. For the knitting, I used a #5 needle and the 10 stitch lace chart called Horseshoe from one of Barbara Walkers books. I used the chart throughout and included a border of lace with #8 seed beads.
I've used Horseshoe Lace before in my Scalloped Lace Wrap, a pattern available at a couple of local yarn stores. The Autumn Shawl knitting began October 14th and was finished October 29th. I am very pleased that the FO reflected so well my original vision for the roving. yea!


Carrie said...

Oh, wow, that shawl is gorgeous. And it perfectly catches the colors of fall! Very beautiful work. And that is one full tree!

loribird said...

It's beautiful! May you wear it in joy and good health for years to come!

Denise said...

A lovely work of art that combines perfect spinning with beautiful knitting! And the colors capture perfectly the russet beauty of fall leaves.

I like how the horseshoe lace pattern is reminiscent of those little helicopter-like maple tree seeds too.

Duchess said...

It's beautiful!

Rabbitch said...

That shawl is lovely!

Janine said...


Melanie said...

Oh my, but that is a lovely shawl. Denise said everything so perfectly. Gorgeous work. I love the photo with the leaves - it would make a wonderful poster.

Lorette said...

Yum! There is just nothing that I do not like about that shawl! The color is divine!