Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gansey Socks

Back interest

Knitter: Peggy

Pattern: Gansey Socks, designed by Beth Brown-Reinsel in 1995
Yarn and Needles: Alice St*rmore Scottish Fleet in pink; #2.5 2-32"
Addi Lace
Project Notes
The project served 4 purposes --
1. Something fairly straightforward to work on at the retreat
2. Refreshing my interest in Gansey knitting
3. Using STASH yarn left over from knitting Jade St*rmore's Beadwork sweater (pattern found in Winter 99/00 Interweave Knits) a few years ago (2004?)
4. And in so doing, giving me socks that match a sweater I love to wear.

My Beadwork


Linda "K" said...

Yay Pe!!! I remember sitting next to you while you were knitting this sweater - it's SO gorgeous. didn't make one for meeeeeee! Not that I could get any use out of it in the master sweat-box here. The good news? It's raining. The bad news? It's 80 degrees and raining with 90% humidity. You and Ar surviving the weather?

Melanie said...

Lovely socks, and Beadwork is stunning!

Rabbitch said...

Ooh, I like those socks. And the cardigan, too!