Monday, April 23, 2007

Shepherds Extravaganza

The four of us went on a road trip to Shepherds Extravaganza at the Puyallup Fair Grounds this last Saturday. We all had a common mission: get our hands on some Corriedale X roving from Reflection Farm and then there were individual goals as well ~ Natasha was in a plying class for 4 hours, Fair Food in the form of corn dogs was big on my list (corn dogs with yellow mustard, mmmmm), Peggy wanted a wpi tool and Linda just had to get out of the house and be with sane people. heh. Three out of four ain't bad! (sorry El.)

My choices from the vast array of Rainbow Roving from Reflection Farm:

plums and purples #44.6
teal turquoise blue #11.7
And what seems to be a combo of both:
purple and turquoise #5.3

While Natasha was in class, we three cruised the animal barns. Here are the best photos:
Just hatched chicks
A really cute sheepDairy Goats playing King-of-the-Hill
A recently and partially shorn Llama
Embden Geese
I went shopping one more time for some sock yarn; 2 skeins of 50/50 wool/nylon from Blue Moon Farm (not to be confused with the other Blue Moon.) It's 232 yards per skein and only $4.55 so of course I have to try it! Besides, her colors were gorgeous and her assorted rovings were handdyed just beautifully. If I hadn't just spent my budget next door at Reflection, I would have gone overboard on her merino-alpaca-silk blend which looked like mixed berries in vanilla ice cream....yummmm.


MaryB said...

Wahhhhhhhhh! I wanna come! MaryB

Naomi said...

I was anxiously awaiting to see what you brought home with you! Uh oh, another commonality between you and me...corn dog with mustard!

I think you meant to buy that plum and purple one for me!

Can't wait to see all this stuff spun up!

vanessa said...

ooohh, i love the plums and purples! can i buy some anywhere, does she have a site or #?

Melanie said...

Oooh, those plums and purples are to die for! And corn dogs - I go to our little May Days celebration specifically for corn dogs. With mustard.