Monday, April 02, 2007

Estonian Garden Wrap

770 yards of Romeldale/Angora
from Toots LeBlanc

First end done enough to
determine weight needed for the other end.

Wrap completed and ready for blocking.
As worn with a shawl pin
Knitter: Rebecca
Fiber: Romeldale Angora (60/40 blend) lace weight from Toots LeBlanc, 764 yards; I also added 42 ivory beads from an old necklace I took apart (a far better use for them than sitting in a box as a necklace I would never wear.)
Pattern: Estonian Garden Wrap and Scarf by Evelyn A. Clark, a Fiber Trends pattern.
Details: I bought this yarn from Michele quite a long time ago and wanted to use it for something special. Being part of the Evelyn Clark KAL led me to the perfect pattern but I was about 80 yards short of pattern requirements. A shorter wrap was ok with me, so I knit one end through the Lily of the Valley and edging, weighed what was left, determined what I would need for the other end and knit the middle until that's all that was left. I ended up with 5.5 yards ~ close enough to using all of it! Knitting began on January 31st, '07 and the wrap was finished on March 29th, '07. Size before blocking: 18X48 and after 20X60.
Notes: I wore this for the first time this weekend at the Whidbey Island Spin-In and I can't believe how many spinners and knitters stopped to look at it. Honestly, my peeps, if you want a sweet little project which will give you maximum impact with your peers, go for an angora blend and an Evelyn Clark pattern ~ what a combo!

The leftovers: 5.5 yards


marti said...

Now that is a perfect use of yarn and judging how much you needed.

loribird said...

A stunningly beautiful piece of work! And a very clever way to make sure you had enough yarn!

Melanie said...

The wrap looks incredibly lush, it's mouth wateringly beautiful. You did a great job of estimating the yarn requirements.

vanessa said...

lovely nuppage :-)

kimber said...

It looks soft even in the pictures. I like it very much. What a clever use for the pearls, too!

EricaLynn said...

What a beautiful shawl! The lily of the valley pattern is one of my favorites (to look at, I haven't knit it yet!)

Angela said...

Wow - that is gorgeous.

Sharon Rose said...

SO gorgeous!! I have one 250 yd skein of the same yarn and I'm having a hard time deciding what to do with it... Your shawl is breathtaking!