Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Wee Folk

Awhile back I went through a phase. I needed to dress my dolls. By an accidental stroke of luck, I still have my very first doll, Ann-Marie. Her hair is matted and she has a ding in her nose, but she's not bad for 50 (mas o menos.) I made the sample sweater from the book on knitting guernseys. It fit Ann-Marie just fine, so I knit her a little denim skirt to go with.

I received my own American Girl doll for The Holidays a few years ago and Clair got a felted jacket and hat. Marti knit the little socks.
Also for Clair, a top-down v-neck sweater using the same wonderful pattern by Karen Alfke, Unpattern #6 Top-Down Sweater, that I've used for knitting sweaters for myself.
Then there were these little onesies, using leftover Shetland and tiny buttons. Cuter than cute on Boyd's Rabbits but unfortunately I've given the Rabbits away, in their own little onesie, of course. These two I had to keep, just to remind myself that I can knit small.

And finally, my baby doll.
She's not quite as old as Ann-Marie but she's never going to have a chink out of her nose, either. (Rubber vs plastic.)
Using left over yarn for Wee Folk clothes, priceless.


vanessa said...

anothr doll lover :-) i still have my first pitiful pearl doll. (and way too many muffy vanderbears...)

Rabbitch said...

You have ~way~ too much time on your hands. May I suggest some charity knitting?

(running away, giggling madly)

Seriously, those are cute.

MaryB said...


What Rabbitch said.

Another facet to your complex self. Who knew?

Mary B

marti said...

i can't believe you still have those socks! how cute to see them actually used, not just on a tree.

Ryan said...

A few years ago, I knit my niece a pair of socks and then I knit a matching pair--same design, same yarn (pink, white and blue variegated Fixation)--for her American Girl doll. Now THAT was a fun project and a fun gift to give, although, if I remember correctly, the American Girl socks ended up on every toy *except* the doll.

Wonderful pictures, great entry!