Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Plan D:

Email the lovely Lisa at Disentra and beg to buy
any small amount of merino/mohair Gulf
that she happens to have in stock.

Now why didn't I think of that sooner?

5.2 more ounces received in the mail!


I think it's going to match the first batch just fine!
oh boy oh boy, Socks! Here I come!


Ryan said...

So, if you use yarn spun from this to make socks, how do you keep holes from developing in the socks, since there's no nylon to give it strength? Use a high stitch-count and small needles for density and strength?

Rebecca said...

Dear Ryan: "mohair is natures' nylon," or so I've been led to believe. I've always wondered about it though and with a 70/30 merino to mohair combo, this fiber is more mohair than we usually get nylon in 'regular' sock yarn. It will be an experiment to test the theory and we shall see, oh yes we shall. Results will be posted.

Naomi said...

I wanna do that too. You are a(n) (evil) temptress!

Rebecca said...

Naomi, honey, just follow those bread crumbs until you come to the gingerbread house and inside you will find a lovely spinning wheel that's just your size and upon the lovely wheel you will find the perfect roving in your favorite color...(bwahh-hah-hah) Come in, MY PRETTY, COME IN....

vanessa said...

wow the colors!