Monday, December 04, 2006

The Pumpkin Tree

I know, it's late for Pumpkin News. Halloween is over. Thanksgiving is over. The November Floods are over. But still, there is Pumpkin News which hasn't been covered and I think it needs to be. Covered. Like this Tree. With Pumpkins.
This Pumpkin Tree is on the road going into (or out of) Snohomish. Clearly someone close to The Tree decided it was time to have some pumpkin fun by throwing pumpkins at it! I wonder if it was just the family or did they invite their friends to join in the Pumpkin Fun?

The flooding in the Snohomish Valley was severe last month. This is farm land, from which the water is now receding.
From up here is doesn't look so bad, but close up ~ oh man. The pumpkin fields flooded and left pumpkins on the sides of the raised road that curves through the valley.

There was still a pumpkin in the field,
but nobody was going in after it.

We come once a month for the NwRSA spin-in (for Area 2010) at the local library, and one of the reasons we drive to Snohomish by this route is to stop at our favorite vegetable stand for local produce and honey. Oh, and the spicy pickles. But not on this day. It just wasn't an option.
The Nursery was underwater.
Next Spring this field will be full of vegetables again, or sod or strawberries. Today, it's a pretty scene and a lay-over for geese on their way South for the Winter.