Thursday, December 14, 2006

In love with Lisa

Hand Painted Fiber
from Lisa Milliman

This is Blue Faced Leicester Top
5.1 oz of a colorway called DELPHINIUM
I took out most of the yellow after it was spun, not because I didn't like it but because I wanted to 2-ply it and the yellow washed out the other colors a bit more than I liked. I only had 5.1 oz, so I lost a little by removing the yellow instead of one third by chaining. I ended up with just 260 yards, but it's lovely.

Here are two other Dicentra fibers I've been working with,
both of them chained singles.


Before (on the right):


Jessica said...

Beautiful spinning.
We missed you at the Guild party last night. We had a big crowd and tons of gifties. Happy holidays!

Naomi said...

Yummy! Those colors would go well with my Abalone! Maybe I should give you my sweater when it is done! NOT! Can you bring it to class tonight so I can see it?

gaile said...

gorgeous! taking out the yellow was a good call - it turned out really nice!

vanessa said...

omg,that delphinium is STUNNING!!!

Melanie said...

Oooh, I really like the delphinium! Gorgeous stuff.

Susan said...

So many beautiful colors! Thanks for the great eye candy.

sopranospinner said...

Beautiful yarns!

Carol said...

Gorgeous colors and amazing spinning.

cheryl said...

I bought several batches of Dicentra's roving at Black Sheep in June and forgot about it until I ran across your page. Shame on me for neglecting that wonderful stuff. After my current spinning project I'll get right to it! :o) Beautiful yarns you have.