Friday, December 22, 2006

Some Knitting Content

but not so very much. This is Sweety Dahling, our old Budgie, back in 2002, knitting with Peggy. Back then she was still judged to be male, as there was a bit of blue on her cere.

This is Sweety today, showing a bit of her age and enjoying breakfast with the folks. She likes bread, toasted or regular, so we twist-tie it to her perch.

She's about 6 now, and you can see how her cere is pale and a little wrinkled. She's got a bit of arthritis in her left foot and she's not as plump as back in the day, but she's still eager to interact and loves being out to visit.


gaile said...

aw, what a sweet little thing! I love the picture of her helping to knit. Happy christmas to you both, and to the budgie as well!

Ryan said...

What a pretty bird! I especially love the color of the feathers just above his/her/legs. The next time our paths cross (Ferals? Guild? On our neighborhood sidewalks?), remind me to tell you the story of the budgie I knew when I was a senior in high school. It's a hoot.