Friday, November 10, 2006

Spinning like a maniac

Now that my knitting deadlines are over and completed I have time to spin all that wonderful fiber I've been acquiring since Black Sheep last June. But Oregon Flock and Fiber is more recent and I dove willingly into the same fiber as Jessica, a lovely Romney Coopworth Angora blend from "What a Zoo", no website.

Here it is in the original 17.43 oz:
And here it is spun up into about 600 yards
of yummy 10 wpi 2-ply.

It's nicely soft. I like it.
It took me about a week to spin it and ply it

and now on to THIS!
A couple of lovely marino/mohair colorways from Dicentra.
They shall be socks!


Carrie said...

That is some beautiful yarn! I wish I could do that. I'm so impressed!

vanessa said...

yummy yummy

gnomiejo said...

You are an inspiration to me!