Thursday, November 09, 2006

I wasn't going to buy any more fiber...

But that's not important now. The funnest thing ever is finding a new 'yearn' shop, and hooo-boy, how exciting is THAT! It's called The Artful Ewe, is owned and operated by Heidi Parra out of her home in Kingston, WA. Kingston, for those of you from elsewhere, is a ferry ride across Elliott Bay/Puget Sound from Seattle. Five minutes out of town and there's Heidi, thanking you for calling ahead and welcoming you into her home because THAT is the studio, the shop, where the 'yearn' is. I fell in love with her and her fiber. She uses Mother MacKenzie's Miracle Dyes, sold everywhere through Judith MacKenzie McCuin, the famous dye/spinning/weaving/textile expert/teacher. Judith and Heidi will be sharing a booth at the Madrona Fiber Arts event in January, so if you're there you'll be seeing Heidi's wonderful stuff. In the meantime, here's some photos of her studio and some of the fiber I bought:
It was extremely difficult to choose but then I saw this colorway and wham! It's a superwash merino/alpaca blend and I won't tell you how ridiculously priced it was because I want to see more of it at Madrona in January. Come. It'll be fun! Registration for classes is open as of today and there are some good ones. Or come just for the market. It's going to be FABULOUS!


Jessica said...

What classes did you guys register for? I'm already seeing people grumbling about classes filling up too quickly.

Ginger said...

Beautiful fiber!

I was going to sign up for some classes but I decided that since this was my first year I would just hit the marketplace.