Monday, November 20, 2006

Dulaan Hats

One with hear-phlaps,

and one without:

Peggy made up a wonderful pattern and, using Avalanche Yarn from Ryan, whipped out six of these cuties while we were away for a long knitting weekend. wow! My hero. Peggy gave Ryan the pattern, so maybe she'll post it...

Peggy has also hit the goal of 5 items for Dulaan, plus one. So, Ryan, chalk her up on the 'completed' side, not just the 'wanna be' side. I'm next! I've almost got mine done!

Here's all six.


Rabbitch said...

I love the one with the little topknot! I shall urge Ryan to post it as I could get into making a couple dozen of those.

And where the hell did you get RED Avalanche yarn? She made me take all the gold stuff home.

Fortunately I like it.

Peggy said...

Rabbitch: The yarn came in a big ol' plastic bag from Ryan's vehicle at the Dulaan knit-in at MaryB's house! Don't know how you missed it! And I LOVED the red. When I picked up the first one, 3 more skeins followed it into my knitting basket, and then 2 skeins of taupe leapt in for balance. I should have taken more, but at that point, the pattern hadn't yet presented itself in my brain. Speaking of the pattern, I'm sure there are a lot of similar hat patterns out there. The one I wrote up worked great with 1 small skein (~80 yds) of Avalanche yarn using US Size 13 and 11 needles. Peggy

Rabbitch said...

Peggy, I got to the knit-in late, so likely everyone had swiped all of the red. Either that or Ryan knew I'd just take whatever she handed me, so I took the entire great big plastic bag of taupe, gold and a sort of reddish/brown color which likely has a name but I'm in need of coffee right now, so forget it.

If you'd like to/are able to share the pattern, I'd be pleased to use it on some of this "stuff" I still have here. 37 skeins. What was I thinking? Was I noticeably drunk?