Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow. I have LOTS left...dammit

It started out normally enough, a bit of sleetishness coming through in late afternoon. We usually get a bit of hale now and then in Seattle. Not so much where I am, down at sea level below a ginormous hill, but there it was, and all I could say was "eeeeewwwww! Maybe it won't stick...ya think?"

Later that very day. NO LET UP. Not good.

This morning I heard on TV that the fools who lived in Portland but still went to the Seahawks game last night are still on the road. Nine hours later. Some people left their cars on the highways. Some stayed over in local hotels. One woman from Florida spent the night in a 24-hour Walgreens. Hmmm, cozy!
It sparkles, I'll give it that.
Today, bright and sunny and more snow predicted for tomorrow. oh yea. Bring on the spinning and the knitting and the movies. I'm not going anywhere soon. I do not do snow. If I wanted snow, I'd live in the frickin' mountains. With High Lander.


Carrie said...

Spending time with the Highlander would make snow oh-so-bearable. =) Just keep thinking of how pretty it is, and now you can justify making mittens. You know you want to....

Linda "K" said...

At least we never have it long enough to get icicles, eh? Remember my mom leaning out the 2nd story windows in New Hampshire in the '50s, batting off the 5 footer killer ones before they fell and killed us. Sorry I can't ski down to your house and join you for knitting as promised. Perhaps by Friday...?