Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Braids, blocking

Wow, it's blocking! I'm going to be taking it off the woolly board this afternoon, after drying it there for about 48 hours. I want it dry dry dry. If it's not, it will snug up a little and I want it exactly the measurment it is on the board.

The sleeve and the collar/button band. I won't show the whole sweater as I want it to be somewhat of a thrill for Peggy (The Other Peggy) to see it for the first time in November, at the Knitters Retreat.

This is a lovely pattern; hopefully I will be making myself one in the near future. I believe I have enough yarn for it in my stash...


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Rabbitch said...

OK, now ~that~ is a stash. I get so annoyed at these people with half a rubbermaid tub of yarn who complain about having too much.

I approve.