Sunday, October 08, 2006

Flame Ash

These glorious trees are in their prime right now and for the next week or two on 35th NE in Seattle. Pick a sunny day (hahahaha) and check them out. They are growing along both sides of 35th NE from Lake City Way south all the way to 84th. It's a part of Autumn that I never tire of, as in Spring is that gigantic Magnolia tree on top of 65th..oh my. I love me some Seattle trees!

Maybe this is what inspired my favorite color combination.

Real name:
Autumn Purple Ash (Fraxinus americana, 'Autumn Purple')


Ginger said...

I was raised just up the hill from the first picture (if I'm correct about where it was taken) and I always loved 35th in autumn. I still get to enjoy it when I go to visit my parents, too.

jenknits said...

Autumn Purple. What a great name for a color. beautiful pictures!

Ryan said...

Some of my most favorite trees, followed closely by the trees on 125th which usually go from green to a spectacular yellow to-whump!-onto the sidewalk and road. This year they seemed to go straight from green to whump!, though.