Friday, October 06, 2006

Don't wash that floor ~ blog!

I'm still knitting on Braids and I am beginning to believe it shall be finished within the next couple of weeks. Why this total turn-around from the panic of a few weeks ago? Simple! I'm now in-between jobs. I could be out looking for a new one 8 hours a day, but seriously people, I'd rather be knitting. Not for eight hours a day ~ my hands and elbows couldn't take that much knitting ~ but certainly for several hours a day, in day-light, in front of good movies with breaks for grocery shopping and projects around the house. Oh, and blogging. This blogging thing sure sucks the time away from washing that kitchen floor, wow. As my friend Evelyn says: "I only wash the kitchen floor when I start sticking to it, and then I only wash the sticky bit." This, people, is why she has time to design all those wonderful shawls...

But back to Braids. I have picked up around for the button band, which is all in one piece so I used several long-ish circular 5's for this process. I have left the button band half done because I want to consult with Peggy about how many buttons she wants, and how wide she wants the band.
I have also picked up around each armhole for the sleeves and have put them both on two circulars for knitting at the same time. I am obsessed with knitting both fronts, both sleeves or both socks at the same time. I am compulsive about getting the shaping the same, the number of rows the same, etc. They can't be close ~ they must be exactly right. Don't judge me too harshly. You have a 'thing', too. You know you do.

These photos were taken in the last bit of sunlight on my driveway, about 4 p.m. Seattle is a city of hills, and if you live on the top or the side of a hill you have a darn good shot at a good view of some sort. If you live at the bottom of a hill, as do I, you get early, deep shadows and somewhat lower property taxes. Until the next election when there will be something to vote on which will raise them again.

Which reminds me. It's a few short weeks until said 'next election'. It would make me very happy if all of you will vote. There is no excuse good enough to not and I just can't be your friend anymore if you don't. Voting doesn't take any longer than washing the kitchen floor (if you wash more than just that sticky bit, of course) and if we have time to knit or spin or blog, we have time to vote.


Jessica said...

When people ask me how I make time for all my crafty business I tell that I never cook or clean and it frees up a lot of my time. They always think I'm joking. :)

See you at spinning tonight?

jenknits said...

That's a beautiful color for the Braids!