Monday, October 30, 2006

Spinner's Shawls

We love Evelyn A. Clark patterns.

They're charming, charted, exciting to knit and, bonus, there are no errors. The new one is just out, courtesy of Fiber Trends. We saw the ad in the 2006 Fall issue of Spin-Off so we're assuming the pattern is available at your LYS. We got to do a bit of test knitting for Evelyn on this one and now that it's out we can show you what we did with it!

Peggy's Spinner's Shawl ~ knit with Betty's Handspun*, 100% wool, less than 5 oz. on a size 6 needle; 17 repeats (largest size by number of stitches). *Betty Roberts, The Spinning Wheel Lady, doesn't knit any longer. She occasionally gives Peggy and me an assignment and some yarn, "Make me a nice big shawl." she says, and we do. It's a curious thing, but we don't seem to mind. It is knitting, after all. This brown handspun will be dyed red.

Peggy's Spinner's Shawl pre-blocking

Peggy's Spinner's Shawl blocking
Peggy's Spinners Shawl blocked, edging
Point of Peggy's Shawl
All done and beautiful

Rebecca's Spinner's Shawl ~ knit with Sandi Soreng's handspun/hand-dyed merino. Sandi and Evelyn and I were knitting together one morning at Friday Knitters and Evelyn hatched the plan with Sandi to design a shawl specific for use with handspun yarns.
Rebecca's Shawl, blocking
Rebecca's Spinner's Shawl, blocked, edging
Rebecca's Spinner's Shawl


gnomiejo said...

You guys are amazing and inspirational. The shawls are absolutely beautiful! I'm working Swallowtail but this may be next. Thanks for keeping me out of trouble! Oh, and I'll miss you at the button sale!

Old Knitter said...

I wish I had the attention span for lace....oh my gosh, I love these shawls!

Karen said...

Not quite available from Fiber Trends just yet . . . I have it on order from them and got a note that it isn't available yet. Those are absolutely gorgeous -- I loved seeing both of you with your shawls at Guild last month. I look forward to knitting one myself!

vanessa said...