Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wheel opportunity

For those of you interested in acquiring a Betty Roberts spinning wheel, there's one for sale in the secondary market.

Betty sent me a very few photos and a little background, all of which can be found on the Betty Roberts yahoo fan club site.

If you're not signed up for that yahoo group, here are a few details: the wheel was made in 1995 out of European Beech wood which came to this country as dunnage on a ship carrying steel. It is the only Beech wheel Betty has ever made and she says it's heavy. It is an 'accelerated' wheel (double wheel double drive), comes with a lazy kate and 8 spools (bobbins) and has hand painted wild flowers on the wheel and the orifice hook.

The wheel is in 'like new' condition and is priced at $1,000.00, which is less than the original price. If you're interested in purchasing this work of art please go to the yahoo site for more photos and Bettys' contact info.

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vanessa said...

good thing i am broke ;-)