Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Natural cream Shetland Top
from Artful Ewe

Judith McKenzies light gray Shetland Top
from Artful Ewe

Dark gray Shetland Top
from WhoaMule Farm
2-ply samples from left to right: cream, cream and light gray,
light gray, light gray and dark gray, dark gray.
The plan: with about 1 pound of each top and spun finely enough and plied as five different colors, there may be enough to knit a graduated color shawl or blanket, or even a fair isle sweater! There's lots of time to come up with a plan because spinning and plying 3 pounds of top should take awhile.

By the by, Peggy and I have this much EACH. If one of us runs out...

On a totally unrelated subject:
Peggy and I both received this answer.
Go figure.

What kind of yarn are you?

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vanessa said...


pat b said...

Oh no! The quiz says I'm dishcloth cotton!!! I don't even own any. I've made one dishcloth in 51 years! It says I'm thrifty and born to clean. WHAT?

I wanna be Shetland too. WAAAH!

Anonymous said...

ha ha... I am dishcloth

maryb said...

Well, damn if I'm not Shetland Wool too, although I really wanted to be cashmere. We are what we are, I guess. MaryB

Rabbitch said...

Bwaahaaahaa! I am dishcloth cotton.