Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Lunch at Calico Cupboard, June 1

We had breakfast here not long ago and thought we'd give lunch a try, 
since we were going to Mt. Vernon for the quilt shop.

Peggy F. had the Fish Tacos 
and said they were yummy.

 Peggy had a combo lunch:
1/2 roast beef barbie sandwich, salad and chicken chili.
She says the sandwich was very good, the chili was ok 
and the blue cheese salad dressing had chunks of cheese.

I chose the combo 1/2 sandwich (shrimp and avocado), salad and chicken chili.
The shrimp was a tad fishy smelling as fresh shimp can be even after it's washed,
but it was a tasty sandwich.
The salad was great with blue cheese dressing and 
the chicken chili was ok, nothing special.

Here's what I really wanted:
Vanilla Cream Puffs.
Oh my.
We were adult about it.
We passed on desert.

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