Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Indigo Kitchen and Ale House in Lynnwood

Indigo Kitchen and Ale House, recommended by friends, was the destination for our semi-annual breakfast/dinner get-together last Saturday evening.  We always mean to do this more often, but twice a year seems to be the norm for us.  NORM!

Yelp foodies mostly like this place and a look at their online menu left us with a dilemma about what to order.  It is varied and all looks yummy.

This is our review of the place, with photos.

 Calamari served w/ spicy ailioli
VERY spicy ailioli.  I couldn't eat the sauce. 
 The calimari was plenty spicy without it.
Indigo Steak Bites marinated in a spicy chipotle-soy sauce.
Very tender, very tasty.  We all liked it very much.

Gin martini for --pf
She said it was fabulous.  It was also $10.00.

Lainie chose the Cobb Salad ~ quite tasty.
She said "It's a Cobb ~ they're pretty much the same everywhere."

--pf had the Fish Tacos, very delicious.

 Leslie chose the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, which she totally enjoyed.

Pe, surprisingly, had the Shrimp & Grits.  See that little white creamy corner?  That's grits.
It was go good it was hard to stop eating and she said that next time she wouldn't have the starters and would just concentrate on that fabulous dish.

 This is the Black and Blue Burger with sweet potato fries.
Leah and I both ordered it.  We like blue cheese.

I left off the pickle and the onion because it looked tall enough without them.
Cutting it in half was a must. 
I suspected it was over-cooked just by looking at it, and one bite confirmed.
The server, Stephanie, was kind enough to have it taken off my bill.
If I order a burger again, I'll ask for medium or medium rare.
I always like to order as the menu states the first time in any restaurant,
to give them a chance to do it their way.
Leah said I received most of the blue cheese on my burger ~ 
she had hardly any.  She didn't eat much of hers, either, but she liked the fries.

The sweet potato fries looked over cooked but were perfect!
Crispy on the outside, sweet and soft on the inside.  Yum.
Next time I'll ask for tartar sauce to go along.

The service is excellent, our server Stephanie was professional and accommodating. She brought lemon wedges twice, since we used them on our calamari and in our water.  It smells wonderful in that place and isn't too loud for conversations.  They have outside seating, which people took advantage of ~ it being a balmy 68-70 outside and some of us being intrepid Seattle-ites.  It needs to be slightly warmer for me, but they did crank up the outdoor heaters after awhile as dusk fell.

A good time was had by all and we decided to come at 5:pm next time and do the happy-hour menu in full.  Most of us arrived slightly before 6:00 and Stephanie encouraged us to order starters from the happy-hour menu before they cut us off.  A very welcoming atmosphere and good food.  We will be back.

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