Sunday, June 02, 2013

It's time to retire

If you're Hellen, of Hellen's Needlework in Mt. Vernon, 
retiring isn't something you have contemplated very often.
Hellen is in her 80's, and has been running her yarn shop for so many years
that she's a mainstay of the downtown Mt. Vernon experience.

Sometimes it's years between our visits to Hellen's,
but she's always been there and with a great selection of sock yarn.

Hellen has been knitting socks for 70 years.
She knit every single sock that hangs in her shop.

We visited on Saturday, June 1st, and I bought this:

Two hanks of sock yarn, 
50% wool, 20% Super Fine Alpaca, 30% nylon
It's $10.50 a hank.  For 433 yards.  
Hellen prices her yarns quite reasonably.

During the last few years she's lost her long-time staff, and then last year her husband passed.
He was her back-up, he did the paperwork. 
She's been struggling with doing it all herself, and she's worn out.

The yarn shop business isn't for wimps.
Hellen is no wimp, but she's done.

The Hellen's Needlework store is closing this month.
She is starting the close-out sale on Friday, June 7th, with everything 25% off.

Higher discounts as June progresses.

Mt. Vernon is south of the Skagit River bridge
so the bridge being unusable is not an issue if you're coming from the Greater Seattle direction.

Hellen, thanks for all the yarn!  We'll miss you.

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