Monday, March 12, 2007

Knock Knock

I'm sitting in my yarn room minding my own #@*%@#bidness (working on my 'puter and watching TV while listening to my 3 Budgies chat each other up) and I hear someone knocking at the door. So, I walk over and open the little door to which the door knocker is attached in order to peek out to see who's there. At this point, all hell breaks loose. BIG MOTH flies into my FACE. I slam the little door, thinking the thing flew back out the hole and feeling all 'whew, dodged that bullet' when I turn around and go back into my yarn room only to be RE-HIT in the face with the GIANT moth. CRAP. And it's got WINGS. 3 feet wide.

Ok, not 3 feet, but maybe 3 inches and ok, not a moth but an LBB...
(little brown bird). An LBB looking for a place to build a nest.
A nest in the hole in my door.


Luckily (for me and the LBB) I have multiple bird nets , owing to the providential fact that I have English Budgies. And a husband. A husband motivated to get the askayo* creature out of the house. ewwwww.

The only thing I didn't have was the presence of mind to grab my camera along with the nets.

End result: LBB released into the wild of the back yard and fiber stuffed into the potential birdy palace. Fiber which the LBB's of the world are welcome to use for their nests. Their nests elsewhere.

C'est la vie. (ok: "La vie!")

*askayo: Sephardic for filthy dirty nasty non-Jewish uncleanliness. Examples: a damp paper towel on the kitchen counter or dust on the windowsill. Also any legitimate in-door animal such as cat or dog or Budgie. One can only imagine the askayo-ness of an uninvited wild critter flying about, leaving its askayo-ni all over the place. Oy, the horror. (In his defense, he can't help it. He was raised by a Jewish mama.)


Ryan said...

Er, how is it that you think actualy PRE-BUILDING a nest for the bird out of yummy, nummy fiber is going to keep it away?

Rebecca said...

Ryan: good point. Now, why didn't I think of that? doh. On to plan B. Any ideas? Ar

Ginger said...

I actually had the same thought as Ryan while reading. LOL

Mary B said...

Maybe Plan B should be spikes - yeah, that's it -- 5 inch bamboo spikes (you can use your old double points since you always use 2 circs for socks). Have them poke out of the grating. Just hope your guests don't put their faces too close to the little door or they'll poke their eyes out.

Maybe my Plan B isn't such a good idea...MaryB

Ryan said...

Plan B could be just a wad of paper or even some plastic wrap, anything that fills up the space but doesn't look inviting. Heck, with the hole the way it is now, even *I* want to set up a nest in it! ;-)

When we lived in South America, we had some brass South American stirrups (which look like slippers, not what we think of as stirrups) hung as "art" outside our front door and birds used to nest in them every year!

Hi, Ginger!