Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Black Lace

**Edited on November 5th to remove certain words and photos for personal reasons. Nothing added.**

Before you guys get too excited about how many things Peggy and I knit and spin, I want you to know that I began this project long before we even had a blog, so long ago that I've missed three birthdays since the one it was supposedly a present for and the forth is coming up fast. Finishing it came down to a battle of wills: me against me not wanting to knit with black yarn. Small, fuzzy black yarn. Thankfully there was a solution: Ott lights. I also thank Joann Fabrics for the occasional 50% coupon. I now have three Otts.

I promised myself I'd finish this UFO before I began another and so I give you:

The Scalloped Wrap. In Black.

Close-up of 24k gold beads


Knitter: Rebecca
Pattern and Fiber: Scalloped Wrap and Scarf designed by me; #7 ndl, 2 skeins of Kid Silk Haze, #8 seed beads in 24K gold from Fusion Beads.
Details: start date August 13, 2004 and an end date of March 21st, 2007. Finished measurement: 18" by 50". I went up a needle size and the pattern calls for 3 skeins but I wanted to see how far two would go. It shortened the length by 20" and makes it a nice little 'over-the-shoulder' wrap or a scarf that is not too long. I love the 24k beads with the black and I have left-overs ~ now I just need to find the perfect yarn to go with them. A not-black yarn. Definitely not black.


kimber said...

Well it looks very pretty on her. Worth the suffering.

Rosa said...

That is lovely. She seems very happy with it, and I am sure it was worth the wait. Congrats on biting the bullet and finishing. Onward!

Linda "K" said...

Marcia looks fab in it. Don't let the nieces see it! Not only the next one should be not-black, it should be 4 U, Boo! Shop at Chez Linda "K" for beads any time you like. You wannit, I goddit! Or, about a trade.......hehehehehe Today's word to type in sounds like a blessing in ??? fstuhabt

Denise said...

Wow, Marcia is one lucky lady! The wrap is exquisite. I would be willing to wait twice as long for something like that!

Seriously, I'm going to have to break out my thesaurus because I'm running out of appropriate adjectives/superlatives for all of your lovely work! Thanks for the inspiration.

Larjmarj said...

Just lovely! Great color and the beading work on the edge is a nice touch. Perfect, she looks thrilled even though it's a "little" late. I am guilty myself of prezzie procrastination.

Melanie said...

Ooh la la! Tres chic. I feel your pain with working in black, but the end result sure is worth it. The beads add a little je ne sais quoi to a very elegant wrap.

Naomi said...

It is even more lovely in person. It is absolutely gorgeous! Inspiration galore is what your blog provides!

Karen said...

Very lovely -- and the beads are a nice touch.