Wednesday, February 07, 2007



This fiber was spotted at Black Sheep Gathering last June ~ a big bag 'o wonderful! It's 60% wool, 30% angora and 6% silk from Velta Mack of Sialia Llamas in Sheridan, Oregon who had the fiber carded by Ewe Gotta Love 'Em in Dayton, Oregon and then dyed it with Kool-Aid. Peggy saw Velta spinning it up for a little sweater for her granddaughter and asked if any of it was for sale. Of course it was. Velta kept what she needed and Peggy bought 20 oz.

Using the Paula Simmons method of "Spinning for Softness and Speed" she was finished by July 4th and ended up with 5 hanks of 2-ply measuring 1192 yards and weighing 18 oz. After spinning she soaked it for 20 minutes, dried it with towels, whacked it 6-8 times to bring out the angora halo, spun it in the washer to remove the rest of the water and hung it to dry without weight.

We have wanted
to knit a Faroese at the same time and finally agreed on a shawl pattern (the white one) by Myrna Stahman out of a book published in 1999 by XRX ~ The Best Of Knitter's Magazine Shawls and Scarves. We also wanted to use our hand spun on this project and the final issue became finding a pattern which began at the top so that when we were close to running out we could just bind off.

The shawls are started ~ that cute little diamond pattern above is the beginning of Peggy's ~ and we'll have an entry one day soon for both.


Naomi said...

That is one of *my* colors! You two totally amaze me. Can I just sit and stare while you spin and knit(NOT in a perverted way!!)?

I love seeing what you guys create. It is so wonderful to be part of it. Thanks for sharing all your spinning/knitting adventures!

Ryan said...

What a beautiful pink! Makes me think of strawberry ice cream. Hope to see it in person sometime soon, hint, hint.

Linda "K" said...

Ar - you CAN'T get a job working "outside the home" - it will affect your blogging, spinning, knitting time. You and Sweet Pe are role models for the rest of us now. In fact, tell that twin to quit her job! There should be sugar mommies instead of sugar daddies y'know? No sex required and plenty 'o money to pursue your hobbies!


vanessa said...

i can feel the softness from here!