Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Jacob Angora

Spinner: Rebecca

Roving from Toots LeBlanc way back in 2005, before Michele moved from Snohomish, WA to Forest Grove, OR. (Michele taught me to drop spindle and then loaned me her Schacht Matchless and taught me to spin on that wheel. The rest, as they say, is history. Or obsession. Or both. Yeah, both.)
We were hanging out at her house, the Friday Knitters and me, and she was showing us all her new fibers and yarn, the stuff she was starting off her business with and I just had to have some. Of course.

Spinning details: 18 oz, soft spun on my Russian Olive spinning wheel.

I began spinning January 15th, 2007 and finished February 18th. It didn't take as long as that, really, but I was working on a Faroese shawl at the same time and so wasn't concentrating on the spinning. Here's a sneak preview of that shawl. It should be complete within the next week or so and there will be photos and details.

But back to the spinning: I ended up with 6 skeins and about 1077 yards, pre-wash and 10 wpi. I tried for bigger, softer yarn than I usually spin and I'm shocked that it turned out the way I envisioned. I credit all my spinning teachers (Michele, Judith, Peggy) and the book Spinning for Softness and Speed by Paula Simmons, which was recommended by Betty Roberts, maker of our spinning wheels.


Melanie said...

Mmmm, yummy yarn! Got plans for it? I'm really looking forward to the shawl's debut. It must have broken your heart when Michele moved to OR. I'd love to have her living in my neck of the woods.

MaryB said...

Lovely yarn--Michele has wonderful stuff, doesn't she? I ended up using her bluefaced leichester (spelling?) and pygora blend for my swallowtail shawl in a creamy natural shade (bought it at Madrona). (The Alpaca Cloud proved, once again, to be too difficult for the nupps!). Finished it last night, and will bring it to Guild tonight. I loved working with this yarn!!!!!! MaryB

PS Michele does mail order for any of you who want to try working with this exquisite fiber and don't live near her--just google for "Toots LeBlanc" and you'll find her website!

Melinda said...

What's the Jacob/alpaca going to become? It's pretty.

(I had enough yarn to finish the bind off! And it only took me an hour and a half or so to pin all those damn little loops out. Pictures tonight.)

Anonymous said...

I just brought some of Michele's angora/merino blend roving. She's added a shopping cart to her website so you can shop online now.