Thursday, February 01, 2007


CVM Romeldale blend


Fiber purchased from Reflection Farm back in 2006 at the NwRSA Conference in Tacoma, WA. I bought 8 ounces and wanted 24 but she was out. Hopefully I will be able to find her again at another Market and get a pot-load (aka: more that 8 oz) in another colorway. This is the second batch of roving from this source which I've spun and I have to say: LOVE IT!

I began spinning on January 20th and finished plying on January 22nd. I ended up with 2 hanks of 2-ply and about 620 total yards, pre-washing. It shrank a little bit, so I probably have more like 600 yards.

Interesting note: the fiber plumped significantly after washing and is now 11 wpi. That's worsted weight, people. I spin best I spin sport! Yet, here, worsted! cool.


Melinda said...

I love their roving too. I was sad that she wasn't at the Madrona marketplace. Your yarn is gorgeous!

vanessa said...

would you two stop tempting me with all this gorgeous fiber!

Denise said...

I believe the monthly 2080 NWRSA meeting is held at Alice's farm in Eatonville on the second Saturday of every month (with the exception of special events). I'm sure they'd love to have you stop buy for a meeting and a bit of shopping.

Denise said...

whoops, I meant to add that the yarn is lovely, as usual!

Naomi said...

Your posts leave me drooling. I just shake my head in amazement. Too cool.